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Multi-Channel Inbound

Multi-Channel Inbound features enable a consistent delivery and experience across all channels including email, chat, SMS, IM, and social media. In fact the presentation of our outbound channel uses a common agent interface experience making it simple to handle interactions in a consistent manner.

1] Enhanced Productivity- To ensure more customers are professionally dealt with by the best qualified people within the organization, maximizing staff talk times during an average day and automating much of the business process allowing personnel to focus on more productive tasks
2] Complete accountability- No other software within a company department provides such complete Management information in both a Live and Historical manor to allow companies to make informed decisions on the Service levels they are aiming to deliver and the staff head count required in achieving this goal.

Once deployed most organizations tend to utilize the ACD/Contact Center to build a cohesive strategy for growth, maintaining customer loyalty and increasing revenues

How It Works?

Multi-Channel Inbound offers a unique approach as utilizing its Integration module it can work seamlessly with legacy PBX platforms removing the need to upgrade your Telephone system to achieve the Customer service targets desired and also migrate onto any new VoIP solution when the need arises. This removes the need to retrain staff and risk losing productivity during this period. Once deployed ContactgQ Multi-Channel Inbound delivers simple but highly customizable routing and management, integration into customer data records for CTI purposes, live information displays for tactical decision-making and intelligent business analytics that enables the visualization of information and performance of systems and people within the organization.

Increased productivity
Multi-Channel Inbound features deliver the productivity required exactly where it is needed, focusing on increasing staff performance by ensuring customers are connected to the best qualified member of staff quickly, allowing a “One stop resolution”, Increasing the actual staff/ Customer talk times by automating manual and labor intensive process and providing complete management information to target areas for staff improvement and allow more informed strategic planning

Investment protection

Currently the design for media prevents can allow you to manage the cost of upgrading major Voice and Data applications as it can integrate simply with legacy PBX platforms and mature business systems , allowing you to make the strategic hardware/software changes when it suits your business. Once the decision has been made to upgrade key systems however Fluency ACD can migrate directly into this environment and provide extensively more functionality and business benefit then the PBX/ACD.

What is the Multi-Channel Inbound advantage?

  • Provides enterprise functionality at SMB prices
  • Integrates with most VoIP or traditional PBX platforms
  • Can be easily licensed for the features you require without additionally installed software
  • Can be easily customized to fit into virtually any business environment to deliver focused benefits and not force you to change practice to suit the technology

Common ACD applications

  • Financial sector- Delivering Customer service and advice
  • Outsourcing- Service or sales hubs on behalf of third party companies
  • Local Government- ensuring a consistent service level for all contacting citizens
  • Health- Providing critical contact solutions to Hospitals and health companies
  • Retail- Delivering Product sales to supplement web strategy and after sales service
  • IT Support
  • Automotive- Allowing consistency in sales/service departments