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Engaging with customer services can often be a frustrating and protracted process.

Waiting in Queues for agents to become available, transferring and repeating information between representatives, or simply waiting a long time whilst they handle multiple simultaneous contacts can result in a frustrating experience for customers and poor service levels.

Artifical Intelligence within business communications has a role to play in improving the customer experience. This intelligent technology comes in the form of chatbots, which are intelligent virtual assistants.

Chatbots can interpret all contact media types from text chat and email to voice speech in order to ascertain the contact’s purpose for engaging with the contact center without necessarily making specific instructions.

Callers can very quickly and efficiently achieve their goals such as making a payment on an account, placing an order or scheduling an appointment.


Intelligent bots and machine learning

Coming in v6

On the roadmap v6 version of the Braxtel ContactQ product, you will have the ability to assign intelligent chatbots to contact flows of any media type that will result in natural conversations that enable personalized experiences for callers.

Benefits of Chatbots in Call Centers

Natural Voice

Braxtel ContactQ chatbots will use heuristic learning coupled with high fidelity audio to ensure accuracy and reliability of language processing.

More Efficient Interactions, improved SLAs

Braxtel ContactQ chatbots will extremely quickly determine the caller’s purpose for contact and improving the success rate of self-service interactions. Removing human queues for self service intelligent interactions will enable customers to have their requests serviced in real time, eliminating annoying wait times and repetition.

Business Integration

ContactQ offers a seamless call flow experience that enables flexible business systems integration via plugins as well as other more traditional means. This will enable intelligent bots to help customer interact more pervasively with your business to schedule or confirm appointments, assist with secure payments and provide balance confirmations, assist with ordering products as servicing many other business requirements.