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Analytics anywhere

Braxtel’s Contact Centre analytics is a powerful feature rich module that enables the visualisation and reporting on historical and realtime performance. Share live and interactive reports or dashboards on any Web-based platform, with an embeddable widget. Distribute your insights and content where it is needed for decision-making.

Monitor your call centre effectively and dynamically

Monitor the pulse of your call centre - track your SLAs and KPIs with rich, graphical presentations, graphs and charts. Our easy step-by-step process enables anyone to create additional dashboards in minutes. Collaborate and distribute dashboards quickly and easily based on a schedule or data trigger.

Smart and Advanced Analytics

Managers can focus in greater detail to analyse call and agent behaviors. Drill Down hierarchies, Drill Through to detailed transaction level reports, or use Drill Anywhere to simply explore your data. Visualize and explore data with the Yellowfin data-visualization and data-discovery functionality. Discover and share insights with trend analysis, regressions, correlations, and set analysis.

Dashboards tailored to your preferences

Create engaging and interactive dashboards either by customizing our pre-existing doasboard or build your own. Build highly personalized and interactive dashboards with an drag-and-drop interface. Real time dashboards help to keep your organization running smoothly. The pre-build dashboards are already definted to help your organization monitor critical KPIs and SLAs. Interactive dashboards help you analyze performance in real time.

Access dashboards anywhere

Our dashboards will run natively in any browser on any device. Braxtel Dashboards also offer the flexibility of embedding links it into any Web page, wiki or company intranet. A web services API is also available for deeper integration.

Management information when it matters

Stay on top of SLAs. With ContactQ analytics you can provide Managament information just-in-time with broadcasts. Distribute highly customized reports to a user's mobile device, personal timeline and email address. Focus and filter the information provided for individual users or groups within your organization. Trigger-based alerts provide a simple way to deliver instant notifications the moment key metrics meet, exceed or fall below predefined thresholds.