braxtel Business communications specialists

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Who are we and why work for us

In a nutshell we are a communications software solutions company. We're based in the heart of the UK and our head office is in Massachusetts. We are a people centric organisation and value the knowledge and experience contributed within. Most of our staff love working for the company and stay with us for the long term. We pride ourselves on providing excellent solutions that are valued by our customers and reseller as well as an exemplary level of service that underpins the relationships between us and our customers.

Whilst we appreciate the challenges in finding the right people we ensure that the team feels appreciated and that their contribution is extremely valuable.

In return for the team's hard work we offer:

  • Excellent personal development opportunities
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Generous benefits, and flexible annual leave
  • Take charge of and be responsible for an important area of the business and make a measurable contribution to the organization

  • If you're interested in joining us click the link below and let us know. Ps we don't respond to agencies.