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ContactQ Platform

What is ContactQ

What is Contact Q

ContactQ is a multi-channel communications platform. It enables the intelligent handling of calls using a common interface design. Either simple or more complex interactions can be very easily set up to handle external business systems integrations, agentless and self service solutions, inbound and outbound traffic with the inherent capability of being monitored and managed through a highly configurable suite of over 150 Real Time and Historic Reports. A High Availability module maintains a two system BDR cluster that ensures that you have a resilient backup that can be switched to automatically through a HA proxy.

All contact interactions can be recorded, searched/filtered, played and monitored using a single interface. Encryption and management tools ensure that your contact data irrespective of media type remains safe and your organization is compliant with regulatory requirements.

With up to 500 Agents per instance and no limits on the number of contact calls, ContactQ scales with your organization. You can choose to run the platform as a physical on premise appliance or hosted as a virtual instance.


Unified Experience

All media channels share a unified user experience. Braxtel develops the entire multi-channel platform so the experience is unified from the ground up for all types of contact.

Web client UI - all media types are handled in a single windows with an internet browser client. Users can switch seamlessly between contacts when handling multiple callers with great ease.

Call flow editor -a drag and drop visually configured yet poweful editor enables many common functions to be shared by differet contact channels

Analytics and Reporting - services can be combined for multiple channels or analysed separately using the analyitics package

Queue management interface and queuing mechanism - its the same administration interface irrespexctive of contact type

Contact Recording interface, playback, encryption and archiving. Search for and view emails and chat transcripts in the same manner as you would play back an audio call recording.

Multi Channel Experience


Route emails through call flows based on any individual or combination of message headers, optional fields and the message body itself.

Associate the incoming sender or outgoing recipient with a customer account for the full contact history. Call flows can use any element of the email to interact with business systems for instance to look up and confirm account information for a self service flow.

Agents can additionally handle multiple concurrent emails alongside other contact channels, so they can more smartly utilize their time during pauses within other conversations.

Auto-responses can be configured easily within call flows to provide a rapid holding message where required before emails are handled by an agent.


Web Chat enables businesses to rapidly deploy browser based chat into their organisations using client libaries. Using the webchat client module chat functionality can be easily deployed within a few minutes into an existing web site. More complex customisation can be created using our API.

Chat call flows help to craft the user experience from a customer’s perspective enabling smart routing decisions to ensure the calling chat party reaches the best person to deal with their enquiry, or even to create self service applications where simple repetitive tasks can be handled exclusively by a chat flow.

As with email agents can handle multiple simultaneous chat sessions alongside multiple email messages.

Templated responses assist agents to reply quickly and consistently to customers.


Callback is a feature that enables your customers to schedule a return call by simply submitting their contact details.

The Callback party's contact details are handled using our multi-channel queuing mechanism. It enables customers to choose a reason for calling, route and maintain their position within the appropriate queue without the need for remaining on hold through a voice call.

When its the turn of a call back party to be connected to an agent, ContactQ dials and connects the contact to the right agent.

Callbacks are serviced using in built standardized time of day and skills based routing rules to ensure a consistent experience across all media types.