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Dialer options

Dialers are designed to deliver increases in productivity and accuracy when targeting customers or prospects. They are designed to Utilize data held or secured by an organization and then automate much of the process that proves to be time consuming or non productive.

Now fully governed by compliance and legislation to ensure Abandoned calls and silent calls are kept within stated guidelines, dialers can increase staff/customer talk times from an average of 21 minutes in the hour to 46/47 minutes, which result in massive productivity gains and increased profitability.

How it Works?

Braxtel's Dialer integrates directly into the heart of a business and allow you to select data fields to target absolute specifics for outbound marketing or calling. Utilizing this data the Fluency the starts to call numbers and removes all failed calls. Engaged, No answers, Answer machines, Fax machines and other unsuccessful contact attempts are removed automatically leaving only live calls for staff to deal with. These failed calls can also have a strategy applied to build call backs into any campaign so that all numbers will eventually be removed or successfully contacted. The dialer can work in the following ways:


Calls numbers when agents are available to handle them. Account and customer data can be carefully filtered and presented on the screen before the call is made. Agents can prepare themselves prior to the next call being made.


Calls are made as soon as agents become ready for them. Calls are dialled whilst pertinent data is simultaneously presented on the screen, this is a more intensive form of dialing designed to minimize wait times between calls.


Uses heuristic algorithms to predict when agents will become available for calls couple with the likelihood of a call being successfully answered by the called party. The number of calls made can be greater that the amount of agents available. Braxtel's predicitve dialling product enables the maximizing of agent utilisation through overdialling and remain compliant with appropriate regulatory bodies.

What is ContactQ

Increased productivity

Our Dialer solutions increase productivity, providing a measurable return on investment from the get go. Productivity benefits include:
  • The numbers called are assembled by the Fluency dialer and agents do not need to search for the telephone contact details

  • Customer data is presented when appropriate to the agent, allowing them to service the call effectively

  • All failed calls are removed from the campaign, leaving only live calls to be presented to agents.

  • Engaged and busy calls can have customized retry strategies applied allowing the dialer to guarantee these contacts are serviced effectively
What is ContactQ

Common Dialer applications

  • Financial sector- Selling Insurance and providing after sales service

  • Outsourcing- Running campaigns on behalf of third parties

  • Debt Collection- Dialing contracted customers for debt recovery

  • Retail- Calling regular customers for service calls or to increase sales volumes

  • Automotive- appointment generation and conformation of service dates