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Intelligent Self-Service Module

Intelligent Self-Service offers featured that enable the offloading of predictable or highly repetitive tasks away from advisor. By doing so advisors are freed up to assist with more complex interactions better suited for human based communication.

Features include:

Multi-channel capable. Flows can be created to manage classes of interactions in a simple consistent way Business Systems Integration (either available from our existing library or create a new one using flexible plugins) Text to Speech using the Nuance speech engine plugin or any preferred speech engine with an API Speech recognitions using a preferred speech recognition plugin with a supported API Create complex code-free interactions using the built-in powerful Flow Designer and Expression Builder Capture and record interactions that can be later anaylsed with the powerful built-in analytics engine. Call Recording with filter-enabled universal playback interface. *AI Bots (coming in v6)

Self service and the contact center

Self service is not intended to be a one stop method to isolate contacts from advisors. Minimising call volumes and providing quick queue-free solutions is key intent of self-service but it is equally important for customers to be able to reach an advisor quickly whenever the need arises. Contacts that use self-service call flows can be connected to agents when the need arises as is the ability to escalate caller contact priority dependent on business rules.