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Braxtel Call Recorder

The Braxtel Cloud9 recorder is a fully featured call recording solution that captures and securely stores call recordings in a managed Cloud accordance with regulatory requirements.

Noting that wider acceptance in cloud-based solutions is being adopted by IT departments who move their applications to hosted environments for numerous reasons – whether these be commercial stipulations, management and control or security – the recorder modules offer a complete suite of SaaS-based features.

The Recorder as a Service (SaaS) approach to call and data capture, secure storage, and an “always available” archive, represents a paradigm shift in voice recording from expensive, inefficient, customer premises equipment (CPE) services to a cost-effective, highly efficient and fully-managed solution. Simply login and replay all of your interactions irrespective of the size of your business!

Designed to suit any size and type of business needing to securely capture, store and replay voice and screen data the Cloud9 call recording solution can be used to record multiple channels of communication.

The Cloud9 solution is based on a unique system architecture designed for an unrivalled availability of service.

Business-Driven Call Recording Whether you are looking to record important calls on-demand, record all transactions for regulatory compliance, or put in place quality management for your contact centre, Cloud9’s business-driven applications provide the most effective solution available.

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