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Top Trends in the Contact Centre are around Automation, Intelligent Routing, Self Service, Advanced Data Analytics, Chatbots, Multiple Channel Contact (Multimedia) and Hybrid AI.

Contact Q helps companies on this journey. Functionality associated with Large corporates is now being demanded by smaller organisations due to the compelling ROI gains.

Savvy companies of all sizes are looking at their customer engagement, recognising that Customer satisfaction is the key to Success, and seeing that these new technologies are the key to achieving this.

Today there are new challenges which resellers face such as declining margins on systems sales, meaning you can be working harder to stay still.

Customer churn is an issue, further impacted by the many start-up companies with hosted offerings and other disruptive technologies. The evolving contact centre opportunity continues to grow and offers a chance to improve margins.

Contact Customers are “Sticky” customers and so can be very lucrative, especially with the full raft of support offered from Braxtel, meaning you can get involved with minimal cost of entry.

What we know about Business Transformation

70 % of consumers prefer messaging over Calling to customer support (Source

There used to be one predominant way for customers to make contact (By Telephone) – now ……we can choose from a plethora of contact types

80% of routine customer queries could now be handle by automation

Only 36% of contact centres are currently able to track a customer journey that spans multiple channels

Only 17% can locate problem hot spots that negatively impact the customer experience.

The Opportunity becomes obvious

Increasingly, customers are only choosing voice contact if self-service options have failed them so that the call centre Agent’s role is shifting from customer service to customer retention.

Self-sufficiency is a big trend among consumers - We have the younger generation ignoring traditional customer service routes in favour of do-it-yourself systems.

One survey from Forrester says that by 2020, the phone will be used only as a back-up when all other self-service channels fail

The current economic climate is driven by data, so it makes sense that more and more companies are developing long-term strategies to manage and analyse relevant consumer data. These trends are just as powerful for smaller organisations where they face the same challenges but with lower budgets

We are seeing many trends here around automation and business transformation, as we know, innovation in Big industry will always filter down to our customers

Braxtel is able to translate some of the things big corporates are doing to make them accessible to all companies from the SMB upwards

We are not talking about tomorrow, we can these offer solutions now, and make it easy for you to get in to these opportunities

What is Contact Q

A vendor agnostic Contact Centre solution managing intelligent routing of ACD and IVR calls, Web Chat, including Agentless and Self Service Solutions, Inbound and Outbound traffic, and with a highly configurable suite of over 150 Real Time and Historic Reports From 5 to 500 Agents CQ can run on a physical or virtual server, and can be on premises or Hosted, allowing connection to any legacy PABX Platform using SIP Trunk connectivity.

Agents can be located anywhere, allowing for homeworking and Multiple location teams.

Braxtel offers a range of Professional Service to include custom integrations, Commissioning, Training and Pre and Post-Sales support to help you get involved without great investment on your part.

Ask your account manager to arrange a demonstration of Braxtel’s capabilities